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Our menu compliments the magic of the location. Ingredients are locally sourced wherever possible: much of our sea-food is harvested from the reefs around the restaurant, game fish is caught daily by local fishermen, beef is sourced from Tanzania’s best farms, spices are bought from the spice farms of Zanzibar, vegetables locally grown, and our pastas made in our own kitchen.
To our guests, many of the items are familiar in name. However, we present these dishes with a twist of Zanzibar, new ways of amplifying and bringing out the flavour, aromas and texture of the underlying ingredients.
A range of wines, spirits, beers, sodas, juices and soft drinks is available. Be daring, ask about our range of cocktails to compliment the occasion!

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Fish Fingers with Tartar Sauce – $19

Prawn, Squid and Zucchini Tempura – $19

Fish Carpaccio served with Coconut Sauce – $19

(coconut, lime, fresh chili pepper and olive oil)

Very Tender Octopus salad – $18

(potatoes, pumpkins, green beans, onions & tomato confit)

Sweet and Sour Beef salad – $17


Home made Tagliatelle served with small lobster – $20

(delicious tomato sauce and fried aubergines)

Home made ravioli filled with aubergines – $20

( potatoes and parmesan cheese served with rosemary butter)

Home made Potato Gnocchi served with prawns and Zanzibar vanilla – $20

Tambi (local Swahili spaghetti) served with stir-fry fish – $19

(julienne vegetables and spinach in creamy Swahili coconut sauce)

Spaghetti with Crab and fresh Tomato Sauce – $20

(mint leaves and a pinch of pepper)

Home made Tagliolini with fried Aubergines – $19

(black olives, capers, fresh tomatoes and basil)

Home made Pappardelle with seafood sauce – $20

(garlic, tomato, persil and chili pepper)


Chicken Skewers Swahili style served with Lyonnaise potatoes – $23

Squid in Tandoori and Coconut milk with Spinach served with Basmati Rice – $25

Stewed Rock Lobster and cous-cous with greens, ginger and lime – $25

Grilled Fish Fillet (catch of the day),  creamy coconut spinach and mashed potatoes – $27

The Rock Special – $62

(lobster, cigal, king prawns, octopus, and calamari all on the grill)

Grilled Beef Filet – $30

(marinated with ginger and rosemary served with veggies and potatoes)

Green Curry Veggie stew, Basmati rice and chapati (local bread) – $19

Grilled lobster (500GR.) with salad and scarab potatoes – $36


*** []

Passion fruit cheese cake – $9

Pineapple flambé with vanilla and Zanzibar spices ice cream – $9

Chocolate salami served with Zanzibar spices ice cream – $9

Fresh fruit with Zanzibar spices ice cream – $9

The Rock coconut tiramisù – $9

Zanzibar spices ice cream (2 scoops) – $9

*** 15% of your dessert price will be donated to Kichanga Foundation

Menu wine list


 (South Africa)

Chenin Blanc Savanha (White) – $20

Dry rosé Savanha (Rosé) – $21

Cabernet Sauvignon Savanha (Red) – $22

Shiraz Savanha (Red) – $22

Merlot Savanha (Red) – $22

SPIER | THE ROCK Signature

(South Africa)

Chardonnay Signature (White) – $26

CheninBlanc Signature (White) – $26

Dry Rosé Signature (Rosé) – $27

Spier MCC Signature (Sparkling) – $38

Shiraz Signature (Red) – $28

Merlot Signature (Red) – $28

Pinotage Signature (Red) – $28


Henri Abele (Champagne) – $90

Moet&Chandon (Champagne) – $120

Moet&Chandon Rosè (Champagne) – $130

Dom Perignon (Champagne) – $330


Chenin Blanc LANDSKROON (White) – $7

Cinsaut 2012 LANDSKROON (Red) – $7

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Mojito         Lime, freshmint, brown sugar, white rum & soda

Margarita   Tequila silver, tripple sec, lime &sugar

Negroni      Gin, martini rosso & Bitter Campari

Dawa          Konyagi, Honey, ice&tonic water

The Rock   White rum, pineapplejuice& blue curacao

Pole Pole   Kahlua,amarula, milk&chocolatesyrop

Pinhacolada   Malibu, pineapplejuice, coconat milk & white rum

Cuba Libre      Bacardi, coca cola & lime

Spritz        Aperol,whitewine& soda water

Gin Tonic      Gin, tonic water  & lime

Caipirinha      White rum, lime, brown sugar& soda

Blody Mary     Tomato juice, vodka and spices


Kichanga Orange Juice and strawberrysyrop

Virgin Colada Pineapplejuice and coconutmilk

Pingwesunrise  Pineapplejuice, orangejuice, strawberrysyrop

Mintbun    Passionfruit, mint and banana cream

Hibiscus tea  tonic water and passionjuice

Mango Road  Mango juice, lime juice  and bitter lemon

Red Granita  Amarena syrop, passionjuice and crushedice

Michamvi     Passionjuice, mango juice, lime and strawberrysyrop