To reach The Rock you’ll need your own car or a private transfer.
It is very important that our guests arrive safely, and on time. There are many vehicles and drivers in Zanzibar who are not reliable and will be late to their pick-up.
Unreliability can lead to late arrivals, and sometimes even a loss of the booking when we are busy.
Please: Book a 2-way transfer, on our website. Our automatic, and instant confirmation email will inform you of what time your driver will meet you for pick-up from your chosen location. And your car will be waiting for you when you need to leave for the return journey.
We established Zanzicar to provide our guests with a reliable, safe, insured, licensed and fairly priced service from anywhere on Zanzibar island to The Rock and back.
As you will see, The Rock is a very special, but small restaurant. We do our best but cannot always please guests whose transfer experience has let them down.