Kichanga Foundation

The community is our spirit

The Kichanga Foundation

The Kichanga Foundation was established in 2005. Named after The Rock’s founders’ first business in Zanzibar, Kichanga Lodge, the foundation is today a beneficiary of each business in the group, including The Rock.

The foundation aids in the development of our employees’ communities with a focus on locally empowered, sustainable projects.

Amongst the highest profile achievements have been the upliftment of local schooling facilities and numbers of pupils, as well as the provision of services to improve living conditions of local communities (Villagers).

The schools of Michamvi Kae and Michamvi Pingwe now serve over 350 students.

An interesting and controversial project undertaken was the establishment of a swimming school for local women, most of whom spend time on the ocean but cannot in fact swim.

Our latest project is the establishment of a palm tree nursery, with the goal of planting 200 palms annually from 2021. Zanzibar’s beautiful palms are under threat due to expansive development with too little environmental impact assessments done.