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Deposit for Groups

For group bookings of 6 or more we ask for a non-refundable deposit of $10 US per person payable when making your reservation. This will be deducted from your group’s final bill at The Rock.

Please see our Terms & Conditions



The Rock make a reservation

In the search box choose the date of your visit and add in the number of people in your party. When clicking on each of the spaces to be filled in, a calendar / people number option appears to assist you.

Click ‘Search’ to see what is available on the date chosen. Please note that for groups of 6 and more, we ask a $10 per head deposit, which amount will be deducted from your bill at The Rock.

pre order cake at the rock restaurant
make a reservation The Rock Restaurant

Scroll down the ‘Confirm Your Booking’ page and pre-order a freshly prepared and baked cake to be delivered to your table. Select the item you’d like by clicking the ‘Add Item’ check box, as well as the ‘Add Selected Extras’ below the options. Very popular for any occasion, with the option to enter a personal message.

We are Cooking.

Looking, tasting, serving soooooooo sharp!

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NOTE: during periods of Spring high tides there may be, for your safety and comfort, a short delay in boarding the boat for the little ride across to The Rock. (It's a great time to take your pictures! Want a group selfie? Ask our attendant in waiting.)

COVID safety: enhanced WHO standards & protocols. 

·    Hand SANITISER available on arrival, in restrooms, anytime.

·   At least 1m between tables. 

·    Tables, chairs and table settings sanitised between guests.

·    Single use per day cutlery, crockery and glassware.

·    Public spaces and facilities sanitised after use and between sittings.

All of us at The Rock:

·       Health screened daily.

·     Transported to The Rock in our own santised vehicles.

·      Appropriate PPE

·      The Rock is STERISCOPE CERTIFIED, environmentally friendly, ISO14000 anti-virus & disinfectant, imported. 

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