Special Menu

Our menu compliments the magic of the location. Ingredients are locally sourced wherever possible: much of our seafood is harvested from the reefs around the restaurant, fish is caught daily by local fishermen, beef is sourced from Tanzania’s best farms, spices are from the spice farms of Zanzibar, vegetables locally grown, and our pastas made in our own kitchen.

To our guests, many of the items are familiar in name. However, we present these dishes with a twist of Zanzibar, new ways of amplifying and bringing out the flavour, aromas and texture of the underlying ingredients.
A range of wines, spirits, beers, sodas, juices and soft drinks is available. Be daring, ask about our range of cocktails to compliment the occasion!

(Please note: All prices include VAT at 15%)


Fish finger and tartar sauce
Prawn, squids, and vegetable tempura
Fish carpaccio and coconut sauce
(coconut milk, lime, fresh chili pepper, olive oil)
“You spin me round”
(very tender grilled octopus with soft and crunchy local polenta)
Sweet and sour beef salad


Ravioli filled with aubergines, potatoes, parmesan cheese, and rosemary butter
“Butter kisses”
Potato gnocchi with prawns and Zanzibar whipped butter
“Blue Monday”
Ravioli filled with blue spirulina, cassava, and parmesan cheese served with crab meat
“Knocking on heaven’s door”
Little beetroot gnocchi with green peas cream, sesame seeds, and paprika
Pappardelle with seafood sauce, garlic, and chili pepper
Chicken skewers Swahili style and Lyonnaise potatoes
“Back in Black”
(Black Venere rice, basil, sauté calamari and prawns, and little tomatoes confit)
Stewed Rock lobster, couscous, greens, ginger, and lime
Grilled fish fillet, carrots and ginger cream, vegetables, crispy and spicy chips
“Steak on the stick”
(very tender grilled beef fillet (surely the knife is not necessary), mashed potatoes, caramelized onion)
[vegan] Green curry veggie stew, basmati rice, and chapati (local bread)

Our delicious treats help fund 'The Rock for Community'


Chocolate salami and vanilla ice cream
Fresh fruit with vanilla ice cream
The Rock coconut tiramisù

65 USD

The Rock special
(Cigal, king prawns, octopus, and calamari all on the grill) add 30 usd
Grilled lobster
( 500 gr.), salad, and scarab fried potatoes add 15 usd

Opting for our Rock Special plate or Grilled Lobster will modify the set menu, excluding a main course